Sage People, now part of Sage Business Cloud

Mai-Po Wan
Last updated on 12th August 2019
3 min read

Hello to Sage Business Cloud.

This week saw the unveiling of Sage Business Cloud, the one and only cloud platform that modern businesses will ever need.

Here at Sage People, we’re really excited to be a part of Sage Business Cloud. It offers a core set of cloud products and marketplace add-on applications that support our customers – including accounting, financials, payroll, payments and banking.

Sage customers will also benefit from the latest advances in artificial intelligence to provide powerful insights, and improve productivity, for our customers across the entire suite.

More importantly, it delivers greater value and benefit to our customers. Here’s why.

We’re transforming the way companies manage and engage their people

HR processes are changing, and traditional solutions are no longer fit for purpose. As a result, the HCM industry is reinventing itself. Furthermore, the growing skills crisis means that companies must continually improve and change the way they attract, manage and engage their people, in order to win the war for talent.

At Sage People, we’re disrupting this market by enabling companies to design new and better ways of working, whilst bridging the gap between old and new HR and People processes.

Get the HR basics right, such as having a single system of record, automating key transactional processes and remaining compliance with local and global regulations, such as GDPR. But, to be successful, you’ll need to engage your entire workforce by delivering great experiences, building a stronger employer brand, and providing on-demand access to the communications and information that your people need.

Cloud is what we do, and we do it really well

It’s no secret that there are huge benefits when it comes to having your HR and People system in the cloud. The information is available instantly and on-demand via any web browser, whilst set-up is simple, flexible and highly configurable. Functionality can be easily added and pushed instantly to everyone using the system.

With Sage People, you get the standard benefits of cloud, as our system is built on the Salesforce App Cloud. Set up your processes and requirements for the entire employment journey, using simple configuration. What’s more, your own administrators can do this themselves, giving you the ability to design experiences that are relevant and tailored for your business.

It’s not just about HR. Integration is key

Sage Business Cloud offers a unified set of solutions that meet all of your business management requirements. When it comes to your HR and People data, and improving productivity and performance, you need to ensure that you have everything in one place. Like many fast-growing companies, you’ll have people data across multiple systems, with no easy way to view it all in one place, let along get the insights you need.

With Sage People, you can easily integrate with multiple third-party marketplace applications, and other products on the Sage Business Cloud platform. This gives you a single source of truth, so you can get the information you need, and importantly, you’ll know it’s accurate.

Automation, AI and Bots: we’re using the latest advances to make your life simpler

The Sage Business Cloud platform will leverage the latest developments – including Sage’s very own ChatBot, Pegg – to help businesses be more productive.

When it comes to your workforce, people are starting to interact with augmented intelligence and ChatBots in all other walks of life. Now, they are starting to demand similar consumer-based experiences in the workplace – and why shouldn’t they?

Companies should consider how to leverage these types of technology in HR. With Sage’s AI innovations and powerful Salesforce capabilities, we’ve got some exciting things on our roadmap to help you do just that. By using things like voice instructions rather than keying information, you’ll be able to spend less time on the transactional tasks, and more time on getting the most from your people.

Customers for Life: we’re in it for the long haul

From start-up to scale-up, you’re on a journey, and we recognize that. Your initial requirements will grow and evolve as your business does, and it’s important to have a technology stack that is futureproof, and able to grow with you as you expand. Sage Business Cloud gives our customers the ability to grow their technology in a way that suits them.

When it comes to your HR and People requirements, your initial needs will be to manage your people efficiently, and combat the admin challenges that come with using spreadsheets. As you grow, you’ll need to think about how you bring the right people through the door, how you retain them, how you engage them, and most importantly, how you design better experiences that enable them to do their best work.

At Sage People, we’re incredibly proud of our customer 98%retention rate, and that’s because we are passionate about understanding the journey you’re on, and helping you to get the most from the system as a technology enabler, so that you can improve performance and engagement.

Every customer has a tailored Customer Success Plan that we use to deliver a solution that meets your requirements, and will help you achieve the outcome and ROI that you need. Your Customer Success Manager is the go-to person for your relationship with Sage People, and they’ll always be focused on helping you develop your people journey.

Sage People is a modern cloud HR and People system that enables fast-growing, multinational organizations to both manage and engage their global workforce by improving workforce visibility, increasing HR productivity and delivering great workforce experiences, enabling people to do their best work.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your HR and People needs, and Sage Business Cloud, please get in touch.