Sage Summit to pack a punch

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 8th May 2017
1 min read

Adam Hale weighs in to champion people innovation

Ideas, inspiration and technology to help business builders build. That’s what 2017’s Sage Summit in Atlanta this week promises – and with innovation at the top of the agenda, it’s only natural for Sage People to feature. In fact, Adam Hale, EVP of Sage People, will step up to the podium for the keynote and share his insights with entrepreneurs and business leaders, demonstrating why a company’s most valuable asset is its people and how People Science is leading the way for true competitive advantage.

Adam is also running a session on both Wednesday and Thursday at 11:30am. Focusing on the practicalities of using cloud HR and people technology to manage your workforce effectively, efficiently and respectfully, he will demonstrate how delivering a great employee experience makes the most of your people to help drive business growth.

He’ll doubtless be showing some respect to legendary boxing champ turned marketer George Foreman too. The veteran gold medallist is headlining Sage Summit, sharing the inspiring story of how a disadvantaged kid from Texas became a heavyweight champion, ordained minister and marketing icon with his 100 million-selling Lean Mean Grilling Machine.

Keith Has-Ellison, Solution Consultant for Sage People, will also be taking to the stage at 2:45 on Wednesday and Thursday, to share what he knows about connected workforces. High workforce engagement is an output of great employee experiences and by virtue a key factor in the success of growing businesses, by helping them attract and keep the best people whilst building their employer reputation. Keith will show how leveraging Sage People makes all the difference to workers, empowering them and delivering on this promise of a superior workforce experience.

Sage Summit takes place in Atlanta from 9-11 May. If you’re attending, make sure you make the most of your time by using the online My Agenda tool to customize a programme of sessions that will make the most difference to your organization’s performance.

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