Sage Summit so far: ERP is dead!

It’s been a busy first couple of days for the Sage People team on booth 435 at the Sage Summit in New Orleans.

So far the Summit has been a brilliant experience to be a part of, and Sage CEO Stephen Kelly had a lot to say in his keynote speech yesterday morning. Most exciting for us was the announcement of Sage Live, Sage’s new cloud software suite based on the platform, with Sage People as the HRMS provider – and the news that ERP will no longer play a part in the Sage experience. Characterizing ERP as symbolizing “Expense, Regret and Pain” for end users, Kelly said the move away from the old hat industry term was indicative of Sage’s “commitment to building products that add value to your business.”

Navigating a changing world was the theme of the keynote panel, featuring a Q&A from General Colin Powell and Deepak Chopra – and it’s been a change for the better from the perspective of SMBs, which created 66% of 12 million jobs to aid the American economic recovery.

The insight we’ve gathered so far has been enormous and invaluable, not only from the big name celebrity speakers, but from peers, competitors and analysts too. Swinda Salazar-Piquemal, Sage People President of Americas, has had some very insightful meetings with key industry advocates at the event, and we’ve heard some great thought leadership from the HR relevant sessions we’ve managed to catch between busy hours at the booth.

Here are some of the big ideas we’ve picked up so far:

Employee engagement:

As the role of HR within companies makes the transition to a more strategic one for continued corporate success, HR managers are re-considering how they define employee engagement. Throughout sectors, this means that true employee engagement is being thought of as when talent no longer thinks of their work as simply a job, but as their employer as a strategic partner within the success of their grander career. So, helping talent plan for, track, and manage their career goals – facilitated by HR software systems – should now be of utmost concern to employers, as it will assist in acquiring and retaining talent in the long run. The relationship must evolve.

Becoming the very best company you can be:

In multiple sessions, speakers urged audience members to settle for nothing less than their organizations being the best-in-class at what they do. This in turn means businesses should target niche markets and dominate them; growth will naturally occur from there. However, without being able to acquire and retain top-tier talent, this is a hopeless pursuit.

ACA Requirements:

A slightly drier subject admittedly, but one of utmost importance to HR professionals, includes becoming ACA-compliant within the quarter. In an inspired speech given by Lisa Zamosky, columnist for the Los Angeles Times business section and nationally known expert on healthcare policy, health and finance, the various ways HR departments are best navigating – and rocking – this critical task was discussed.

Be on the lookout for more trending news from Sage Summit 2015 with Sage People on this blog and Twitter @Sage People. We’ll certainly keep you posted!

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