How do you build employee experiences that really drive productivity? | On Demand webinar

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 7th November 2017
2 min read

Have you ever noticed that when some employees come back from vacation they somehow have a spring in their step, a post-holiday outlook on work, and sometimes a renewed sense of purpose, leading to a boost in productivity?

Imagine if you could bottle that up, and that became the norm for your entire workforce.

Over a third of employees admitted they’re productive for less than 30 hours a week in a recent study we conducted with over 3,500 workers. That’s a whole day each week that they’re in work, but not working. Overall, low productivity is costing the US a staggering $450 – $550 billion a year.

The answer, our research found, lies in positive workforce experiences.

78% of employees said that this is important to them, something which jumps to 92% of younger generations – a demographic that will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020.

It’s a topic we’ll be exploring in our live webinar with The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) later this month. How can you build employee experiences that really drive productivity?

Join VP of Sage People Paul Burrin on November 16 at 12pm ET / 9am PT as he talks attendees through the several common themes from our research on what a great workforce experience means for employees, and what HR and People leaders can learn as a result.

For example, one vital aspect of creating great employee experiences was important to a whopping 81% of employees. Another was important to just 5% of workers – but it wasn’t what employers expected.

Two thirds of employees picked out another common thing that is practically free for companies to execute; and there was an overwhelming number of respondents whose answers said a lot about how seriously companies and HR or People teams take this.

Find out what these are in our live webinar.

By the end of the webcast, attendees will:

  • Know what are the top productivity drivers for workers
  • Understand the differences between what employees and their employers think
  • Find out what our research said about what’s stopping workforces from really being productive
  • Come away with the top tips for building employee experiences that workers really want
  • Get key stats and strategies they can use and execute in their roles today

From the high school grad who’s entering their first job, to the hyper-experienced Baby Boomer, for the first time there are five distinct generations in the workplace. Some employees are motivated by money. Others want a great work-life balance. The needs might be different for someone who just moved to New York, versus someone who wants to start settling down.

A third of respondents saw their HR or People’s team role as creating positive experiences at work, so HR and People teams need to lead this cultural transformation in tailoring great workforce experiences for their people – whatever drives them.

Why? Because it matters. Ultimately, the better an employee’s experience at work, the more engaged they are, the more productive they can be, and the more the business benefits. It makes economic sense – as well as being the right thing to do for your employees.

Want to get started now? View our On-demand webinar of this event.

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