Six things you never knew about your employees

How well do you really know your workforce? Join us for a free and insightful webinar at 3pm on July 21st to find out what key things you may be missing when it comes to your employees.

Hosted in association with HRZone, we’ll flip the typical, technical view of analytics on its head and ask instead how analytics can help HR Directors to add value to their business. Based on six core employee behaviours, the webinar will be relevant to both HR and business leaders, and will showcase how to encourage and pave the way for better employee performance across all business functions.

Workforce insight and understanding remains a critically important business issue and complex task, and our CMO, Paul Burrin, recently expanded on the topic in his blog ’10 Questions: How Well Do You Know Your Workforce’. With companies growing quickly and needing to recruit at an equally rapid rate, combined with workforces often operating out of different offices or even different countries, maintaining engagement with employees is harder now than it has ever been. Paul’s 10 quick questions offered an easier way to work out how well you know your workforce, and it’s something we’ll be talking about in a bit more depth during our webinar on the 21st.

It will also touch upon some of the findings from our recent research around understanding and application of HR Analytics amongst HR leaders.

Sign up here to join us on the 21st of July, and find out the six things you never knew about your workforce. It might just give you the insight you need to better manage your people and propel your business growth to new heights.

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