Fairsail’s Summer of HR Shockers


You’ve heard of 5SOS? Or if not, your kids will have done. Five Seconds of Summer, the hottest boy band this season. At Sage People we are picking up shamelessly on their success to share some of the horror stories experienced at organizations we have spoken with, about systems used to manage employees and the broader workforce.

Some of the anecdotes we have gathered from global enterprises, on their ability to manage and scale a modern global workforce, are astonishing in this day and age. We’re calling them the 10 HR Shockers of Summer.

On a serious note, though, why is this so critical? With the Great Recession now behind us, growth is back on the agenda. Yet the ability of many businesses to move forward quickly and take advantage of new opportunities is often hindered as a result of little investment having been made in the support systems.

The way we work has changed. Today’s businesses are faced with the challenge that the composition of the workforce is diverse, and critical new skills may be unevenly distributed around global organizations. As a result, enterprises have to manage people differently.

When it comes to HR systems, we’ve found evidence that many businesses are struggling with the basics. So join us this August on Twitter as we reveal the top 10 HR ‘Shockers of Summer’ that came to light in conversations with global enterprises – maybe you can share your own HR horror stories using the hashtag #10HRSOS too.

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