Talent leaders tell all on high growth and HR

Last week, over 30 HR leaders came together at a networking breakfast organized by the Talented Group and sponsored by Sage People. The breakfast offered the opportunity to gain some insight from industry experts into the future of HR, and discuss the practices and challenges that high growth tech firms face on a daily basis.

In attendance were expert panelists from scale-up companies Cloudera and Klarna, and more established businesses AOL and Expedia, who shared their experiences in a discussion around the future workforce, HR analytics and the difference between managing HR in a corporate versus a scale-up.

Here are some of our top takeaways from the event…

Tailoring Talent

For hyper growth companies, understanding why people want to join their team is key. Rather than just being attracted by the “cool, sexy, fuss ball playing environment”, top talent needs to demonstrate a predisposition to action first.

Likewise, mid-size tech companies look for a cultural fit. Increasingly finding themselves in the sweet spot between massive high growth companies and smaller startups, they can source the best people from both corporate and start up backgrounds.

Harnessing Innovation in HR

The ability to be innovative in HR was uniformly felt to be the biggest challenge amongst our leaders, but all felt changes taking place. Once purely reactive, going out to hire talent only when the need arose, HR now fulfills a different space in the business that allows the function to add real strategic value.

Managing the changing ways of measuring performance can also be difficult without a robust HR system to help assess talent. Having a system that delivers immediate access to information is fundamental for HR to deliver business value, but frustratingly, it hasn’t been a priority for many business leaders to date.

The Workplace of the Future

Perhaps surprisingly, given predictions that 30% of jobs will be taken by robots within the next ten years, our speakers were relatively unconcerned about the impact of robotics, pointing out that by then, new roles will have emerged.

The way we manage our human workers is set to change however, and to hire the top talent, part time, temporary or home working needs to be considered.

Perhaps the most important message from the session, though, was that high growth businesses will need to be open to change and adaptive to new developments to make the most of HR. With innovative thinking driving change, the potential business benefits are limitless.

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