TalentLeaders Connect – a morning of data dos and don’ts

Talent Leaders Presentation

Last week Sage People sponsored the TalentLeaders Connect event in London to hear from some of the HR industry’s most forward-thinking brands – Storifyd, Lyst, Launchpad and Glassdoor, among them.

First to take the floor was Peter Gold from Storifyd, who spoke about the power of predictive recruitment analytics, and even touched on the implications of robotics in saying that “80% of what an in-house recruiter does will be automated by 2020”.

Next up was Matt Bradburn from Lyst with his presentation, “You’ve got to have big data, right?” He explained, you don’t need to be a statistician to get started with analytics, you just need to start somewhere. He shared an amusing quote from his CEO: “Don’t bring me anecdata” – emphasizing the importance for HR to rely on systematic data and not just personal views.

The event’s third speaker, Anthony Tattersall from Launchpad, highlighted the impact that bias has on recruitment and talent acquisition. Perhaps quite surprisingly, his research demonstrated that candidates who interviewed just before lunch, were likely to receive a lower interview score than their counterparts who interviewed at other times of the day. Anthony also recounted the  Columbia University research test, which revealed that, disappointingly, gender bias still plays a part in modern-day recruitment.

Anthony’s discussion about unconscious bias and the role it plays in recruitment is not often addressed, and it clearly struck a chord with delegates. We were pleased to hear that companies demonstrating no bias on the grounds of gender, age or background, were also better environments to work in – no surprise there.

The food for thought continued into the coffee break when I spoke to an HR analyst who expressed a frustration with HR leaders not knowing or understanding what they want from their data. Most frustratingly for someone whose job it is to find insights in data, he says there remains a reluctance to act on what the data is actually saying.

It’s a conversation that was echoed in the afternoon’s presentations, too.  Josh Willows from Broadbean also spoke about the need for HR managers not only to trust their data, but to understand the reasons behind it. “If you don’t listen to the data, what’s the point?”

Bill Boorman from #Tru was the penultimate speaker of the day and talked about whether a robotic workforce would bring emulation or innovation. Do we want robots to copy something humans did, but do it faster? Or do we want them to enhance and innovate a process by working alongside humans?

Wrapping up the day’s proceedings, Lauren Wright from Glassdoor offered a unique and honest slant on talent acquisition. Glassdoor sees millions of visits, tens of thousands of reviews on a daily basis so they have a lot of data to mine and she described how the recruitment and interview process is ever-changing.

Read the social story of the day below or to find out more about Sage People’s analytics capabilities, watch our demo video on BrightTALK.

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