The Great Mobile Migration

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The workplace of the future in the palm of your hands

New research published by IDC has revealed that by 2018, three quarters of the Western European workforce will be mobile.

The findings represent a huge step up from research conducted in 2013, when only a third of companies offered BYOD policies that allowed employees to work from their own smartphones, tablets and laptops, and shows the rapidity with which the workforce is adopting mobile technologies.

The workplace of the future, then, may literally lie in the palm of our hands, and it’s no surprise that implementing mobile capabilities is at the top of almost everyone’s HR wish list for 2016.

Mobile has enormous potential to revolutionize the workplace. Aside from the obvious boost in communication, mobile and wireless solutions can also have a significant impact on employee engagement and productivity.

HR in particular stands to benefit from the advent of mobile, which can allow everything from holiday requests to annual appraisals to be conducted anywhere, and from any device. It’s already taking hold: as Josh Bersin recently reported, more than 60% of major companies are redesigning their processes and using mobile apps to assess employee performance. Allowing regular check-ins with senior staff and agile goal management, mobile HR offers a helping hand to businesses that have increasingly diverse and disparate workforces.

Perhaps most encouragingly, the uptick in companies aligning themselves with BYOD practices shows an increased willingness on the part of business leaders to really listen – and more importantly, adjust to – the changing needs of their employee base. The majority of today’s workforce, and millennials in particular, were raised on mobile, meaning outmoded in-office only functionalities are not only alien, but becoming obsolete. The ‘office’, and expectations of what (and where) it constitutes, is shifting rapidly as flexible working and gig economies push to the fore, and it’s these changes that HR technology must seek to match.

Mobile HR offers huge potential and improvement to the modern employee experience, offering the flexibility and ownership that is so much in demand. The capacity for employees to own their own data, and to do it from their own device in their own workspace is not only useful, but vital.

It was with this in mind that Sage People developed mobile app and Apple Watch versions of Sage People HRMS last year. These offer the full range of functions to employees and managers alike at any time, from any place, and from any device. BYOD and mobile capabilities are the next big step forward as more and more companies begin to use HR Tech so that they can ‘fly on instruments’ and navigate their business along the most optimum path to success.

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