The latest in HR software

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 30th June 2013
1 min read

Interesting article in OnRec, the global online recruitment magazine, that discusses the latest in HR software.

As it states, “there is always something new in the world of software. Along with maximising efficiencies as usual, this year there are products to help you comply with the latest legislation, ways of analysing your bosses’ behaviour, onboarding, social media and gamification. With a myriad of options, from software as a service, bought software on site or outsourcing, there is bound to be something to help your business.”

Read the full article to find out why Sage People encourages organisations to think globally, predicting that HR systems of the future will not simply be about storing employee records but will be a way to allow employees across departmental and geographical boundaries to collaborate and achieve success on a wider scale. The article also provides recommendations for businesses looking to purchase HR software.


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