Ubisense unites its global workforce with Sage People

Paul Burrin
Published on 8th September 2017
2 min read

Ubisense, the enterprise location intelligence solutions company, has chosen Sage People, a market leader in global HR and People systems, to transform its HR operations in the cloud.

After only five months, Sage People is already empowering Ubisense to unify and consolidate HR operations, ensure full compliance as an AIM-listed company, dramatically increase employee engagement and improve the productivity of its HR team and wider workforce.

Ubisense’s 140-strong high-skill, high-value and long-serving global workforce consists of both office-based and remote workers. It needed an accessible, simple and consistent experience which reduced the valuable time its employees (including the HR team) were spending on overly complex and time-consuming HR processes. It also needed global visibility of its workforce to keep track of resource movement and gain real-time insight into potential improvements across the organization.

Nicola Clark, HR Director at Ubisense, commented: “With 140 employees around the globe, we’re a relatively small business, but our previous system lacked any means to connect and engage our colleagues. As our incredibly passionate global workforce collaborates to create industry-leading solutions which drive advances in Industry 4.0, we needed to create a much better sense of being one company. Sage People’s cloud-based HR and People System enabled us to do exactly that.”

Compliance and reporting was equally as important for Ubisense, particularly as an AIM-listed company. With the previous system, the HR team was unable to accurately create simple reports on demand.

Clark continued: “The complexity of the old system meant our small team was extremely stretched. We even considered hiring additional people to tackle the heavy administration required, which surely defeats the object of an HR platform. We needed to adopt a cloud-based tool that would be simple and consistent for both our team and the wider employee base to use, increase engagement, and most importantly, keep us compliant.”

Clark added: “Sage People gives us so much more value. Now we can easily find data, build reports, upload resources and have real-time global visibility of our workforce. The user experience for our employees has improved massively and as a result, so too has the engagement of the workforce with the HR team.”

“The deployment process was impressively fast, lasting only 12 weeks versus five years for our incumbent system. The whole team was very impressed with the dedicated and knowledgeable implementation team, the support we received, and the smooth on-boarding process.”

Chris Rauch, VP, Customers for Life at Sage People, concluded: “We see businesses time and time again struggling to get even basic HR information like global workforce numbers or simple real-time reports, despite having invested in online HR solutions. Yet this data should be the very least that organizations should expect.”

“The right HR and People technology should have the power to give deep insights into a disparate workforce and provide a consistent experience that engages employees wherever they’re located. I’m proud that we have delivered this for Ubisense, and of the impact that it’s already having on the business.”

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