Virgin’s Ultimate Holiday Offer


Well done Virgin for following the Netflix initiative and changing the company’s holiday policy to allow staff to take breaks when and as often as they wish. Removing holiday limitations for employees may sound like one flexible benefit too far, but as the live Telegraph poll already shows, almost 80% of us feel that the move would boost productivity.

Well, of course we would say that, I hear you say. But in the war for talent management and company growth, delivering a great experience to the workforce has been shown to influence employee satisfaction dramatically, ultimately strengthening and possibly transforming brands.

As the makeup of work teams continues to evolve, management teams need to understand that how they acquire, engage, manage and develop these ever changing teams also has to adapt. The modern workforce is tech savvy, it’s mobile and it’s dispersed. Work is increasingly non-routine – anything that can be automated, will be. The result of this is that you need new ways for teams to organize work on the fly, the way they see fit.

The traditional constraints placed on the employee are rapidly becoming outdated. Employers that don’t adapt to the new demands of Millennials and other workers will soon appear outmoded and they’ll fail to engage with new recruits.

If you’re a fair employer you’ll be using outcomes-based performance management metrics to manage your workforce, and from their point of view, it’s not when you work, but how efficiently and effectively you get stuff done.

The way organizations manage their people is evolving rapidly, and by implication, new strategies are required that are in keeping with this new generation of employer and worker, to keep up, remain competitive, and stay ahead.

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