Why Fairsail’s partnership with Sage is big news for small business

The Sage People and Sage partnership should be of immense interest to, and benefit for, small business leaders. It follows the recent announcement between Sage, the world’s #1 small business accounting and payroll solutions provider, and Salesforce, the world’s leading enterprise Platform as a Service [PaaS] and CRM company.

The outcome is a new solution called Sage Life, which enables small businesses to run completely in the cloud.

Today, many SMEs are struggling to run their companies with outdated on-premise software, using spreadsheets and between four and eight different software systems. This creates ongoing complexity, unnecessary costs, and hinders their ability to run their businesses better through a consistent, real time view of their customers, employees, suppliers and financials.

The introduction of Sage Life is a game changer for small businesses. Moving to the cloud immediately reduces the need for small businesses to waste time and money on ageing systems, freeing up cash by reducing fixed costs in favor of variable costs.

However, Sage Life is more than just a cloud based financial solution for small businesses. Running a business successfully requires customers, colleagues and financials working in harmony.

Sage is creating an ecosystem of partners to provide that capability, and the partnership with Sage People is further big news for small businesses.

Sage People is the first HR system to be built on the Salesforce platform, and offers the most comprehensive HR solution for SMEs on the Salesforce AppExchange, with over 100 customers and users in 128 countries.

Combining Sage People’s core HR functionality with Sage financials is another step forward for businesses, enabling them to manage their employees simply and easily, with anytime, anywhere access from any device. Sage People’s single system of record and engagement captures key personal information, managing absences, benefits, compensation and recognition in one easy to use application.

Take a look at the partnership details here, and contact us if you’d like to know more. We look forward to helping businesses upgrade their systems to achieve the art of the possible, and all on a SME budget.


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