The snowdrops are dying

Whitepaper: Why you need to move on from your legacy HR system

Our latest whitepaper covers the many reasons companies need to move from legacy HR systems. It focuses on the uphill battle HR departments face if they’re reliant on legacy systems such as Sage Snowdrop and NGA ResourceLink, detailing how a bad HR function can impact on business prospects as a whole.

As the economy emerges from a double-dip recession, HR departments are feeling the pressure to secure the talent their companies need to fulfil their growth potential. However, many departments have had to “make do” with aging systems that are not integrated, hard to use and manually intensive.

Providing guidance and confirming best practices, the paper features sections dedicated to the most common HR system problems, including segmented data, people retention, managing merger and acquisition success, and compliance.

It also covers issues such as the struggle to manage staff in multiple countries, manual payroll processes, limited system access, and difficulties tracking talent progress.

If you’re looking to move from your legacy HR system, the white paper is a great place to start your research.

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