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Global cloud HRMS for mid-size organizations

At Fairsail, we have a single aim that we pursue with relentless dedication: to be the leading provider of global HRMS for mid-sized companies. With our support, these customers experience a step-change in the way they manage their workforces, because we transform the way they acquire, engage, manage and develop their people.

How do we do this? By taking a long-term view and investing consistently, year after year, in the best technology and the most talented people. We support this commitment with a strong performance management culture and a set of clearly-defined values that guide us every day of our lives.

Our People

  • Demonstrate real ambition and passion
  • Ask the right questions
  • Deliver results
  • Value teamwork
  • Earn trust
  • Constantly learn and evolve

Reasons to choose Fairsail...

Our customer base trusts our expertise to keep delivering comprehensive and simple to use HRMS - and come back to us time and time again.

They rely on us to deliver great workforce experiences which lead to immediate productivity improvements, reduced risk and operating costs.

In turn our customers enhance their brand value through being recognized as a great place to work.

You're losing the war for talent