Creating Customers for Life

Our success is based on your success

We truly care about your success – there’s a reason why our customer team is called ‘Customers for Life’. Our 99% renewals rate is a testament to the value we place on our customers’ success. Working with our expert consultants and partners, we work tirelessly and passionately to understand what success means for you and your people, and deliver just that.

Don’t just take our word for it

Exceptional customer successes.

Close to 100% customer renewals

Using a tried, tested and proven methodology, we have
delivered success for our customers with over 200,000 end
users across more than 140 countries.

We create customers for life

All our teams at Sage People are tightly integrated to provide our customers with one seamless experience and journey.


Rapid implementation

Get up and running quickly; take advantage of best practice processes, simple configuration and quick user adoption


Customer support

Rely on our highly experienced, dedicated support team, to help resolve your queries quickly and promptly


Training and enablement

Get the most from Sage People, with comprehensive public and customer specific training programs


Customer success

We engage with you regularly, at an Executive and Operational level, so that you continue to get maximum value from Sage People

Our approach

Every customer has a unique success plan that we help them build, by understanding their People strategy, needs and priorities. The plan details the on-going objectives and success measures, and we work closely in partnership to deliver this success.


Joint success

What matters to you, matters to us. Our team work with you to continually review and achieve your goals, using your tailored success plan as the blueprint


Sage People commitment

We listen and respond quickly to customers, but are also prepared to challenge the status quo. We provide direction and guidance, while measuring customer success


Customer responsibility

A successful partnership requires commitments from both sides. That’s why we need our customers to provide the right expertise, engagement and focus on achieving our collective goals

Our customers

Sage People is thrilled to work with leading mid-sized companies all over the world.


“One of the things which encouraged us to make the choice, was how easy it is to configure the system. The opportunity to take the product, but make the look and feel be Truphone was a big defining factor for us. That has really been a great advantage.”


“Sage People has radically changed and improved how SolarWinds is able to manage its workforce, enabling our growth and driving efficiency. It shines a light on attrition and other measures to help us make business decisions more effectively.”



“We picked Sage People because it is a good fit for our organization, which is global, fast-paced and changeable. We had confidence that the system was flexible, we wanted to configure it rather than customize it. It was a cloud product which also fits into our IT strategy and it links up with other HR systems.”


“We have just done the annual salary review process and the Sage People system has decreased the time taken in managing that process by 50%.”

Spencer Ogden

“The usual standard for HR people per employee is 1 in 60 – we’ve managed to get that to 1 in 70… purely because Sage People takes away probably 30 – 40% of that individual’s time and work.”


“Sage People understood HR. They were very interested in how to improve our processes and also how to improve the experience of the employees. How to make our lives easier, which is what it was all about.”


“The response from our HR managers has been great, they love being able to see a neat cross section of information about their teams in one place. It has been noticeable how HR has changed. It was very much an admin function previously. Now you get HR people reaching out to you, asking how they can help.”


“Sage People’s help and support was fantastic, helping us think through what we had to do and then what we subsequently wanted to do. The return on investment has been huge for us. It’s no longer about transactions; it’s more about the people connection.”

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