The changing face of HR

Discover how 500+ HR leaders are embracing the HR to People transformation in the digital world of work.

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The HR to People transformation

Just as personnel shifted to HR in the 1980’s, it is now evolving into a ‘People-focused function. Our research uncovers insights from 500+ HR leaders on how they’re dealing with these changes – and how they’re leveraging technology to enable their organizations in a whole new way.

Be the driver behind your people

94% of HR leaders anticipate change over the next few years, but only 18% state they have made the transition to a People Company already.

Be the power behind productivity

Over a third of HR leaders have already adopted new ways of working, such as flexible working, data-driven decision making and continuous performance management.

Be the ingenuity behind the insights

Top priorities are cloud and mobile, but 43% of HR leaders believe their organization will not keep up with changes in tech over the next 10 years.

Be the HR leader behind every great hire

Fewer than one in three respondents would rate their HR skills as an expert today, with 86% believing HR skill-sets and competencies need to change.

The changing face of HR research report

Seismic shifts in the way organizations operate, work, and manage their people are occurring. Download our latest research from 500+ HR leaders to see how they’re responding to the changing world of work.

Uncover insights on how to stay ahead and transform HR from a process focused function to a people driven business.

Changing face

Be the leader behind your People journey

Explore practical guidance and tangible steps to help you lead your HR to People transformation, no matter where you are on the journey.

Leading to HR future

Leading HR into the future

If the data is clear on anything, it’s that the HR function must be prepared for change. See how the role of HR is shifting what new skills required to lead your team today, and in the future.

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HR skills

The People team of tomorrow

Gain insights into four crucial HR skillsets and how to prepare your HR and People teams today.

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4 ways HR can drive agile ways of working

How HR and People leaders can achieve success during times of rapid change.

Delivering engagement

Delivering engagement through experiences

Get the facts behind why it’s time to switch the focus from employee engagement to workforce experiences.

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6 ways to create moments that matter

What does a great workforce experience really look like? Explore our 6-step guide to start building impressive workforce experiences for your people.

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Build a compelling business case for HR tech: Your 10-step guide

Build a compelling business case for HR tech: Your 10-step guide

Discover how to influence decision makers and put HR at the heart of business strategy

HR automation: 5 ways to raise your game with HR automation

Modernize your People processes with HR automation

Free up 30% of your team’s time. Discover five ways to raise your game with HR automation.

17 to 70: Managing a multi-generational workforce

17 to 70: Managing a multi-generational workforce

Meeting the challenges and opportunities of today’s new multi-generational workforce.


Find out 5 vital steps to greater workforce visibility

Our ebook reveals how better, data-driven workforce visibility helps you truly understand what attracts, engages and motivates your people.


Why Sage Business Cloud People?

Sage People enables mid-size, multinational companies to manage workforces through its global, cloud HR and People system, transforming how organizations acquire, engage, manage and develop their employees. Implemented quickly and simple to use, the award-winning system increases workforce visibility and HR productivity to provide better experiences across the entire workforce.

Gain complete workforce visibility

Know your people as well as you know your customers. Leverage accurate people data to deliver actionable insights, for smarter business decisions.

  • Single source of truth for your global workforce
  • Real-time workforce insights at the click of a button
  • Comprehensive analytics with scheduled reports and dashboards
  • Easy integration with payroll and other third-party applications
  • Supports US compliance and regulatory reporting requirements

Build better workforce experiences

Enable your people to do their best work. Deliver great experiences to improve how you attract, engage and retain top talent.

  • Send personalized communications and resources for new hires
  • Continually design new and better ways of working
  • Stay connected to employees with mobile, on-demand self service
  • Improve engagement with integrated communications and feedback
  • Represent your culture with a tailored and branded company portal

Boost productivity through automation

Increase efficiency, accuracy and compliance through automation. Improve productivity by automating key tasks and workflows.

  • Configurable workflows across the employment journey
  • Enable employees to manage their own HR admin and absences
  • Enforce global policies and processes with local variation
  • Effective, flexible and continuous performance management
  • Streamline recruitment with seamless hiring and onboarding
  • Track, manage and plan absences effectively

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