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We hope you find ‘Why your workforce isn’t working’, Sage’s latest research, insightful. For a quick snapshot of the results, check out our infographic below where you’ll also find a short video on the top work benefits people want most.

The research refers to how businesses considered as People Companies, truly value their employees and put people-related decisions on a par with customers and finance. You can read more about this in ‘Becoming a People Company’ or find out where you are on your own journey with our profiler tool below.


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Workforce Experience Infographic

Are employers helping or hindering employees?

What People Want

The secret top work benefits employees want most

People Company Research

See how fast-growth organizations are leveraging People Science and engaging their workforce

Profiler Tool

Benchmark your journey and receive tailored guidance to help you on your way to becoming a People Company

You're losing the war for talent