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What is HR automation?

HR automation means automating processes and administrative tasks, to improve efficiency and free up time for more valuable, People-focused HR activities. Research studies show that automation measurably improves productivity and is a tool used by many high growth companies. From recruitment to strategic transformation, HR automation can streamline processes, cut out errors, support more responsive

How is analytics used in HR?

Analytics are used in HR to reveal insights from data about the workforce that help define workforce experiences, plan HR strategy and support company goals. The discipline of analytics in HR is sometimes called People Science. It means applying data-driven approaches to improve workforce visibility—and how you both manage and engage your workforce. It’s about

How do you retain your best employees?

To retain your best employees, provide an engaging employee experience in a positive organizational culture. This will make you a popular employer with a good reputation and provide a satisfying experience for new and longstanding employees alike. There’s no single blueprint for an optimal employee experience. The key point is that you need to understand

How AI will affect HR?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will affect HR at every stage of the employee journey, from recruitment to HR administration to workforce planning and performance management. Some of the most publicized impacts are already transforming HR and People operations in global companies, particularly in the area of talent acquisition and selection. AI and IA It’s important to

Why are HR analytics important?

HR analytics are important because of their power as a strategic tool for today’s HR and People leaders. Rather than relying on experience and instinct alone, HR leaders can use analysis of data they hold about their workforce to help them understand, respond to and predict behaviors, trends and market factors. Leading HR information systems

How to calculate and work out accrued vacation, holiday or annual leave

To calculate accrued vacation, you need to divide the annual holiday allowance by 12 to get a monthly figure, then multiply by the number of months worked. Accruing means “building up”. When employees accrue vacation (holiday), it means that their holiday entitlement builds up in proportion to the amount of time they’ve been employed. The

What is HR analytics?

Human resources (HR) analytics, or People Analytics, means using data about people to gain insight that helps improve organizational performance and find solutions to problems. The information can be HR data or come from external sources or other company departments. Today, big data is a hot topic. Many organizations hold a great deal of current

Types of employee performance appraisal systems

There are many types of employee performance appraisal systems. The best are designed to help employers to recognize and reward workers fairly and help workers understand what they contribute to their organization. Employee performance appraisal systems provide a framework for improvement and development. Good performance appraisal systems are motivating for employees, because they help them

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In just ten years, the Sage Business Cloud People system has grown from the seed of an idea into one of the most respected and progressive companies operating in the HRMS sector. We are proud of our history – and even more excited and enthusiastic about our prospects in the coming years.

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