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How do you motivate and reward employees?

You can motivate and reward employees with money, bonuses, benefits, incentives, events and recognition – but there’s a bigger picture to consider. Increasingly, smart and forward-looking employers are focused on the overall employee experience. They seek to motivate employees continuously by providing an attractive workplace, organizational values and culture designed to meet their personal needs

How do you improve employee engagement?

To improve employee engagement, organizations must focus on delivering great employee experiences. That means investing in programs that meet your workforce’s wants and needs in everything aspect of their employment. The key to improving employee engagement is to concentrate on building great workforce experiences, including clear communications, mobile and self-service, and health and wellness. It

How do you attract new employees?

To attract new employees, organizations need to develop a strong and appealing employer brand. Today, there’s more competition than ever in most sectors for talented and capable employees. HR and People leaders are adapting best practice from customer marketing to help them engage with valuable potential employees. We call this activity People Marketing. Employer branding

Best examples of employee branding

The best examples of employee branding help make organizations more desirable in the talent marketplace and helps recruit and retain people with skills, commitment and attitude to match the company’s values. Here are three great examples of employee branding in action. Google – world-famous for its employee perks, workplace comforts and valuing employee creativity. Staff

What drives employee engagement?

Employee engagement is driven by good employee experiences in the workplace, including rewards, good communication, attractive working hours, training and development. It’s recognized by successful companies as a key factor in high performance. Loyal, motivated, energetic employees who believe in what their employer does are generally committed, innovative and productive and maintain high morale in

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement means going beyond the basics of what employees find acceptable at work – fair practices and a neutral culture, to make a connection at a deeper level, so they understand and care about the company’s goals and know how they contribute to its success. To achieve an engaged workforce, employers need to look

How to increase employee motivation?

Increasing employee motivation means a wide range of activities and approaches, because people are motivated by lots of different things. Traditionally, money has been at the top of the list, but it’s not the only thing that motivates employees: company culture, values, workplace, working style and a wider range of benefits also matter. Companies that

How to successfully develop employees

To successfully develop employees takes time and effort. Typically, successful organizations use a range of schemes and tools to help employees set career and personal development goals and work towards them in a fulfilling and supported way. Developing employees makes sense, because an organization has already invested in finding and recruiting talented people. Supporting them

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