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How do you retain your best employees?

To retain your best employees, provide an engaging employee experience in a positive organizational culture. This will make you a popular employer with a good reputation and provide a satisfying experience for new and longstanding employees alike. There’s no single blueprint for an optimal employee experience. The key point is that you need to understand

How do you motivate and reward employees?

You can motivate and reward employees with money, bonuses, benefits, incentives, events and recognition – but there’s a bigger picture to consider. Increasingly, smart and forward-looking employers are focused on the overall employee experience. They seek to motivate employees continuously by providing an attractive workplace, organizational values and culture designed to meet their personal needs

Salary review process tips

These salary review process tips can help you define and deliver your salary-setting and benchmarking activity. This is important because salary is a key factor in engaging and motivating employees. Inflation and market changes mean it’s fair to increase salaries to keep pace with living costs, but there’s also a performance or merit-based element to

How to develop a recruitment strategy

To develop a recruitment strategy that will support organizational growth and success, follow these nine steps. A systematic approach is likely to be more effective and sustainable than a tactical or responsive approach. A formal recruitment strategy helps HR teams be proactive in supplying skilled and capable people to the areas of a business where

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In just ten years, the Sage Business Cloud People system has grown from the seed of an idea into one of the most respected and progressive companies operating in the HRMS sector. We are proud of our history – and even more excited and enthusiastic about our prospects in the coming years.

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