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What skills are needed for HR?

There is a wide range of skills needed for HR, from creativity and communication to technological capability and data science. The qualities and skills required for success in HR and People have changed a lot in the digital era. The Changing Face of HR research report highlights four key areas for skills development, to meet

What is an employee pulse survey?

An employee pulse survey is a short, frequently repeated workforce satisfaction survey. The results help HR and People teams ‘take the pulse’ of the workforce, so they can spot changes and issues and take timely action to maintain employee engagement and satisfaction and deliver great employee experience. Employee satisfaction surveys come in many shapes and

Salary review process tips

These salary review process tips can help you define and deliver your salary-setting and benchmarking activity. This is important because salary is a key factor in engaging and motivating employees. Inflation and market changes mean it’s fair to increase salaries to keep pace with living costs, but there’s also a performance or merit-based element to

How to develop a recruitment strategy

To develop a recruitment strategy that will support organizational growth and success, follow these nine steps. A systematic approach is likely to be more effective and sustainable than a tactical or responsive approach. A formal recruitment strategy helps HR teams be proactive in supplying skilled and capable people to the areas of a business where

What is a human resource strategy?

Human resources (HR) strategy means high level planning that sets out the priorities for People management and development in an organization. It connects HR goals with the overall goals of the company and shows how effective HR contributes to profitability and success. A good HR strategy sets clear goals in context of the overall business

3 great HR strategy examples

Great HR strategy examples are high-level People management and development plans that have contributed to high performance and organization success. They connect HR goals with the overall goals of the company and show how effective HR contributes to profitability and success. Typical focus areas in an HR strategy might be recruitment, retention, training, engagement, employee

What is staff planning?

Staff planning is the process of making sure you have the right people in your organization – now and in the future – to carry out the work needed for business success. To plan effectively, you need to understand your business needs, the skills and potential of your current employees whilst considering what each employee

What is strategic staffing?

Strategic staffing means making sure your organization has the workforce it needs to deliver its current and planned business objectives. Markets and plans can change: many organizations have short, medium and long-term strategic staffing plans and review them regularly in context of overall business strategy. Business leaders look ahead to the work they hope to

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In just ten years, the Sage Business Cloud People system has grown from the seed of an idea into one of the most respected and progressive companies operating in the HRMS sector. We are proud of our history – and even more excited and enthusiastic about our prospects in the coming years.

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