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What is the war for talent?

The war for talent is a phrase often used in HR and business to describe a competitive employment marketplace. That means it’s harder to recruit the best people, because there’s a shortage of the most desirable skills. Employees have a choice of attractive employers who need their capabilities and experience to drive business growth. How

What is HR digital transformation?

Digital transformation in HR means using technology to automate routine admin and processing. It means marshalling employee and workplace data in one database to create a single source of HR truth, then using powerful analytics tools to reveal insights and trends that can help shape the future workforce experience. This transition is part of an

What do chief talent officers do?

In HR and People teams, the Chief Talent Officer’s role is managing an organization’s internal and external talent acquisition and retention. It’s typically a high-profile role, working closely with the organization’s leadership team. The aim is to create top-performing teams of talented workers who will drive company growth and success. The war for talent is

How do you retain your best employees?

To retain your best employees, provide an engaging employee experience in a positive organizational culture. This will make you a popular employer with a good reputation and provide a satisfying experience for new and longstanding employees alike. There’s no single blueprint for an optimal employee experience. The key point is that you need to understand

How do you attract new employees?

To attract new employees, organizations need to develop a strong and appealing employer brand. Today, there’s more competition than ever in most sectors for talented and capable employees. HR and People leaders are adapting best practice from customer marketing to help them engage with valuable potential employees. We call this activity People Marketing. Employer branding

What is the purpose of talent management?

The purpose of talent management is to identify, recruit and hold on to people who drive the success of your organization. It’s a top priority, strategic process for forward-looking People Companies who understand that their company performance depends on their workforce. Performance and talent management is a key function of the modern HR department. These

How to build a talent pipeline

To build a talent pipeline, employers need to attract, identify and nurture great candidates and employees with the skills and attributes that deliver the organization’s goals. Performance and talent management is an important ongoing activity for successful companies.  Talented employees can deliver amazing results for organizations both through their own work and because of the

Top talent management metrics to measure

Top talent management metrics measure the activity and behavior of high potential or high performance employees that an organization has identified. All employees are valuable, but some have great potential to supercharge business performance, so it’s particularly important for employers to have good visibility of their continuing performance and related trends and factors. Five key

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