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3 great HR strategy examples

Great HR strategy examples are high-level People management and development plans that have contributed to high performance and organization success. They connect HR goals with the overall goals of the company and show how effective HR contributes to profitability and success.

Typical focus areas in an HR strategy might be recruitment, retention, training, engagement, employee communication, productivity, pay, employee benefits, recognition, motivation, performance management, flexible working or organization structure. Here are three examples of innovative employer HR strategies:

  1. Using smart technology for competitive edge: Singapore company OCBC Bank has developed a mobile app for employees. Called HR In Your Pocket, it lets workers apply for leave, claim expenses, track benefits and check for internal jobs using their smartphones. The app has a chatbot function built in, so it’s easy to get answers to common questions. OCBC Bank’s digitalization strategy makes employees’ experience better and its HR operation more efficient all whilst contributing to the company’s reputation as an excellent employer and for leading its industry with forward thinking strategies.
  2. Using HR analytics to optimize performance: Google develops its employee engagement and experience initiatives based on data it collects about its workers’ preferences and behavior. For example, its maternity leave plan in the USA is five months rather than 12 weeks. This benefit was brought in because Google’s employee data showed that new mothers were twice as likely to leave the company compared to other staff. Crunching the numbers on recruitment, it’s cheaper for Google to retain new mothers in this way than to hire replacements. A win-win situation for the worker and the employer.
  3. Prioritizing social impact to deepen employee commitment: Vertex Pharmaceuticals has linked innovation and social responsibility by getting behind a mission that really matters to its workers. The company only develops medicines that it believes will be transformative for sufferers of life-threatening illnesses. Vertex maintains strong connections between its employees and patients who are taking its medications. It puts social responsibility at the heart of its work, because that’s what matters to the talented scientific specialists it recruits and employs.

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