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7 HR thought leaders to follow in 2019

Follow these 7 HR thought leaders in 2019 to get informed about the latest HR thinking from experts who work with People Companies at the forefront of their sector. HR is a fast-moving industry and there are many experts who share their thoughts about the market and the latest and best approaches online. These 7 represent some of the best.

  1. Josh Bersin – a leading light at Deloitte, Josh blogs influentially on his own website and com with insightful commentary on HR and recruitment trends and employee engagement.
  2. Meghan M. Biro – workplace trends analyst, strategist and HR tech evangelist, Meghan is the CEO of TalentCulture and contributes to future of work and talent management debates
  3. Marcus Buckingham – leading talent expert Marcus is the best-selling author of “Nine Lies about Work” and specializes in people and performance topics
  4. David D’Souza – organizational development is David’s particular interest. A leading light in the CIPD, he shares his insights into people development and the future of work at events and as an author
  5. Paul Burrin – work trends expert, self-proclaimed People Geek and Vice President at Sage People, Paul has unrivalled insight into the latest HR tech and its value for fast-growing companies.
  6. Dan Schawbel – best-selling author and Research Director at Future Workplace, Dan is an expert on the future of work, advocating a socially connected workforce in enlightened People Companies
  7. Liz Ryan – the founder of Human Workplace, Liz describes herself as the world’s most widely read careers advisor. She’s an author, social media influencer and former Fortune 500 HR heavyweight.

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