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Best examples of employee branding

The best examples of employee branding help make organizations more desirable in the talent marketplace and helps recruit and retain people with skills, commitment and attitude to match the company’s values. Here are three great examples of employee branding in action.

  • Google – world-famous for its employee perks, workplace comforts and valuing employee creativity. Staff get free meals, great leisure facilities and the chance to work on innovation and community projects that interest them. The employee brand connects with the external brand, positioning Google as an aspirational employer that gives talented, passionate people the chance to change the world through technology
  • Lithium – highlighted by recruitment site Glassdoor, technology company Lithium created an authentic career website that includes team member interviews, insider footage of their offices and a referral program that can pay out $5,000 for a successful hire. The site gives a clear impression of the company culture and values, so candidates can decide if it’s a good fit for them.
  • Salesforce – the global software giant uses social media to great effect, with an Instagram feed that communicates an employee-orientated culture with diverse and inclusive posts that cover content from cupcake bakes, generous maternity cover, employee awards, family milestones and staff events.

Strong employee brands don’t happen by themselves – they’re created and nurtured by a “people marketing” approach. That means applying the principles of marketing to HR, so organizations know their employees as well as they know their customers, creating great employee experiences that ultimately heighten company performance. Find out about two more examples of great employee branding.

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