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How do you adapt to change in the workplace?

To adapt readily to change in the workplace, employees need to be flexible and open-minded, while employers have a responsibility to support employees through workplace change. The HR or People team has a particular responsibility to lead and support employees through changes of all kinds in their organization.

HR and People can lead change in the workplace

A recent research report sets out how and why HR should ‘Be the face of change’. The world of work is changing rapidly in the digital age. HR leaders and professionals are accustomed to change of all kinds and are well placed to lead a transformation. Using automation and technology to streamline processes and improve employee experiences, they can transition organizations from being process-focused to being People-focused.

Collaborative and cross-functional working

HR and People functions must adopt an agile approach to adapt to changes in the workplace. That means embedding a collaborative culture, where people work in cross-functional project groups and develop new skills and capabilities to support organizational agility. Traditional hierarchies are likely to give way to agile networks. HR teams are likely to focus their efforts around projects, not processes. Modern organizations need to make this shift so they can work in a fast, responsive and flexible way to meet commercial and consumer demands.

HR and People teams must support employees to embrace change

Individual employees have different capacities to absorb change. Some people enjoy the variety and challenge of the unfamiliar and are eager to embrace a transformed workplace, finding it stimulating to their creativity and productivity. Others are threatened by change and doubt their ability to contribute, or find it difficult to understand the reasons behind it. Uncertainty and negativity can spread quickly and destabilize the workforce, undermining the transformation and slowing the pace of change.

In a world where organizations are continually transforming, HR and People teams need to focus on supporting employees through change in the workplace, using a range of agile tactics that help them maintain motivation, confidence and productivity.

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