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How do you attract new employees?

To attract new employees, organizations need to develop a strong and appealing employer brand. Today, there’s more competition than ever in most sectors for talented and capable employees. HR and People leaders are adapting best practice from customer marketing to help them engage with valuable potential employees. We call this activity People Marketing.

Employer branding

In People Marketing, your employer branding tells the outside world, particularly candidates, what sort of company you are. It’s not just the products or services you make or deliver, or your organization’s size and performance. It’s about qualities and attributes that employees want in their employers, including culture and values, the kinds of people who work in the organization, the workplace environment and working practices and policies.

The employee journey

This is a similar approach to customer marketing. Instead of looking at the ‘buyer journey’, People teams look at the employee journey, from beginning to end. They use a single data management system to gather insight about their employees so they can deliver the best experiences and shape the brand to appeal to the people they need.

Create excellent experiences

Employer branding isn’t just online advertising or talking a good talk. It means designing every aspect of your recruitment, onboarding and the experience of working for your organization to satisfy and delight employees and candidates.

Employee advocacy

Advocacy by your current and past employees is very important. Social media and online communities like Glassdoor provide individual workers with a prominent platform to ask for and share experiences of working for an employer. Your employer brand needs to be a genuine representation of your organization. If the actual experience of working for you doesn’t live up to the brand, employees will share that information.

With so much change and increasing expectations in the working environment, workforce experiences are more important than ever. Find out more about Sage People’s modern HR and People system that helps organizations create great workforce experiences, helping also to retain top talent. Back to top