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How do you improve employee engagement?

To improve employee engagement, organizations must focus on delivering great employee experiences. That means investing in programs that meet your workforce’s wants and needs in everything aspect of their employment.

The key to improving employee engagement is to concentrate on building great workforce experiences, including clear communications, mobile and self-service, and health and wellness. It also includes making sure every day working practices, processes and policies support productivity and don’t create frustration. Organizations should tailor all these experiences to their workforce and continually improve them to keep pace with changing demand.

Here are seven ways for organizations to improve their employee engagement:

  • Create a single source of truth from data

Use People analytics to gather information and insights about your workforce. When you consolidate all the data about your people, you can see a rich and detailed picture of what influences them and how they respond to the many factors that affect their productivity, motivation and wellbeing.

  • Understand what motivates your people

Immediate measurements, like pulse surveys, are more useful than annual employee satisfaction surveys, in today’s fast-paced talent market and digitalized world. Organizations can monitor key metrics continually and ask new questions that can reveal chances to innovate or discover how new initiatives are working.

  • Design workforce experiences to suit them

Use data and feedback to discover what’s holding your people back and what helps them do their best work. For example, to support collaboration, they might require different workspaces or communication tools. For productivity, they might need better flexible working policies.

  • Integrate employee communications

Communication is vital, but it needs to be consistent and focused, so employees don’t become overwhelmed. Combining HR systems with internal communications can help provide the most relevant information to the right people at the right time, as well as making sure key company messages reach everyone.

  • Ask employees for feedback – and act on it

Pulse surveys give you a snapshot, in answer to closed questions. Give employees easy ways to offer feedback and suggestions and make sure you acknowledge and respond to it. Have a process that passes feedback to the right decision-maker and channels a constructive response back, even if the suggestion isn’t acted on.

  • Deliver mobile experiences

Use modern apps to create great experiences for employees, so they can carry out HR tasks and find information conveniently, whenever they need to. For instance, put holiday booking, policies, benefits selection and organizational communications on mobile-enabled platforms.

  • Focus on health and wellness

Online health coaches, communities and resources to provide practical and emotional support can all help employees take care of themselves so they’re productive and motivated. Discounted gym memberships and healthcare schemes are a tangible way of showing that employee wellness is an important value.

For more information on what systems you can use to improve employee engagement check out Sage People’s workforce experiences capabilities. Back to top