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How do you retain your best employees?

To retain your best employees, provide an engaging employee experience in a positive organizational culture. This will make you a popular employer with a good reputation and provide a satisfying experience for new and longstanding employees alike.

There’s no single blueprint for an optimal employee experience. The key point is that you need to understand your own workforce to determine the factors that increase their loyalty, commitment and productivity. Here are some examples of organizational initiatives and approaches that may engage segments of your workforce:

Flexible and remote working

81% of employees in a recent survey said flexible working was important to them. Different people are productive in different places, at different times. If you can use mobile technology and a collaborative culture to enable this, you’ll be a more attractive long-term employer overall.

Recognition and thanks

It’s not about gimmicks and prizes. Workers want managers to recognize their hard work and success, so they know that what they do is of value to the organization where they spend so much of their time. A culture of appreciation is key.

Worker wellbeing

Subsidized gym membership, free fruit and healthcare are established schemes that can help employees feel their health matters to their employer. Some organizations are responding to employee needs with mental health support and more holistic wellbeing benefits, like subsidized massages or funding self-development programs that teach relaxation techniques or yoga.

Listening and acting on it

Workforces and the individuals within them are all different and constantly evolving in their needs and preferences at different life stages. Seek feedback constantly about the present employee experience and how it can be improved. Take action and communicate what you’re doing, so employees feel valued and know their voice is being heard. The more personalized you can make the employee experience for each worker, the more contented and productive they’re likely to be. This could mean offering a choice of benefits and work styles so workers can tailor-make their own optimal employee experience.

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