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How to build a talent pipeline

To build a talent pipeline, employers need to attract, identify and nurture great candidates and employees with the skills and attributes that deliver the organization’s goals. Performance and talent management is an important ongoing activity for successful companies.  Talented employees can deliver amazing results for organizations both through their own work and because of the positive effect they have on their colleagues.

You need to determine the characteristics of high performing and high potential employees as a first step in building a talent pipeline. High performers are easy to spot because of the results they deliver. High potential can be harder: these workers may exhibit particular behaviors and personality traits that particularly support the company’s values, helping to build morale and develop colleagues.

Models developed by specialist firms or in-house can help you spot employee potential, including resilience, passion, collaboration and focus. When you have identified the talented people in your organization, make sure they know they are valued, rewarded and have a clear development plan that meets their goals as well as the organization’s. You can apply the same criteria to recruitment, seeking candidates who share the same characteristics as your known high potential employees.

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