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How to increase employee motivation?

Increasing employee motivation means a wide range of activities and approaches, because people are motivated by lots of different things. Traditionally, money has been at the top of the list, but it’s not the only thing that motivates employees: company culture, values, workplace, working style and a wider range of benefits also matter.

Companies that prioritize understanding what’s important to employees and putting them into practice are “People Companies” – they understand that their business success depends on their people being motivated and successful themselves.

Sage People asked 500 leaders at progressive and successful People Companies what the most important things were to motivate employees. Offering flexible working was one priority. It builds trust between employer and employee and helps workers feel that their need for work-life balance is recognized. Another was getting rid of annual appraisals and having continuous feedback conversations with workers, then feeding this into performance-related rewards. Employees feel valued all year round and see that their employer is being fair and transparent about rewarding their work.

Find out more about what motivates employees in leading People Businesses, according to the Sage People survey.

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