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HR technology trends for 2019

HR technology trends for 2019 are worth keeping up with. That’s because successful People Companies are always on the lookout for the latest digital tools to help them improve employee experience, win the war for talent and make their workforces more productive. Here are 7 trends for 2019.

  • RPA – robotic process automation can carry our human-like routine tasks with machine efficiency. It can collect data from more than one system and follow rules to bring together information in a few minutes that would have taken a person days to gather. This might include checking salary and bonus payments and procuring all the data needed to resolve disputes.
  • AI – 2019 will see the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) put into practice to solve widespread HR problems. HR leaders will stop talking about it as a future possibility and start investing in solutions that augment human decision-making with machine insights based on huge data sets.
  • NLP – understanding written and spoken language using Natural Language Processing (NLP) will help HR teams deal more efficiently with admin tasks like CV screening and also acquiring factual information like contact details via chatbots.
  • Cloud HR – HR admin and talent management are moving to agile, mobilized cloud apps that store data securely and centrally and make functions and information accessible to everyone with authorization. It takes away the need for servers and data centers in-house.
  • Self-service – increasingly, mobilized HR makes it possible for employees to request and receive approval for holiday requests, update or review their details on file or request or alter services and benefits. For maximum engagement, the workforce demands 24/7 access to simple interfaces that help them do routine admin without waiting for an HR specialist to respond.
  • Augmented analytics – making it easier for leaders in HR to analyze and understand the significance of vast amounts of data. The AI element means information is automatically extracted from data sources around the business, then cleaned and combined to create meaningful dashboards.
  • Mixology – as AI and robotic automation become mainstream, HR leaders will need to determine the perfect blend for their business of human intelligence and action with machine capabilities, to create a workforce that delivers effectively and competitively to meet client needs

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