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People as part of the marketing mix

People are the fifth “P” of the marketing mix in modern marketing theory, augmenting the traditional “4 Ps”: product, price, place and promotion. These are the focal areas that marketers can design, influence and change to optimize the marketing of their products and services.

People are included in the marketing mix because they design and produce the products, provide the services and interact directly with customers. Employees have the most far-reaching impact of any of the “5 Ps”, from designing and making quality items to giving great customer service and sales experiences.

Putting people in the marketing mix acknowledges how important it is to nurture loyal customers through an excellent relationship at every touchpoint. The “4 Ps” alone aren’t enough: without motivated and customer-focused people, it’s very hard to build a successful business.

The “5 Ps” model has been further developed in recent years, to become “7Ps”, adding process and physical evidence to the mix. This model can be applied very effectively to employer branding or People Marketing.

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