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What are the benefits of a HRIS?

The benefits of a HRIS go beyond benefits to the HR department. They apply across the whole organization. Streamlining and automating routine processes delivers time and cost savings through efficiency. A well-designed cloud HR system can grow with your organization and support expansion into new markets and territories.

Productivity: on-board people faster so they start delivering value more quickly. Reduce time wasted on HR admin using automated procedures and self-service, so employees are freed to focus on their areas of expertise.

Insight: Sophisticated analytics capabilities enable leading organizations to derive strategic insight from their people data, continually measuring and improving productivity and engagement by understanding and anticipating employee behaviors and trends.

Efficiency: Compared to manual or spreadsheet-based record-keeping, there’s a big win here. An HRIS can support fast, accurate and automated processing across these functions: people and performance management, leave and absence management, payroll, compensation and benefits, talent acquisition and management, workforce experience management, HR and People analytics. You also get compliance peace of mind, with comprehensive and verified processes that keep accurate and controlled records.

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