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What is a talent management system?

A talent management system (or talent management software) is an IT application that can help employers recruit, select, onboard and nurture valued employees.

In the current economic climate, you hear a lot about the “war for talent” – it’s a competitive market and employees are increasingly discerning about where they want to work. It’s vital to have the best processes in place to recruit and retain the best people.

Talent management systems typically help automate and integrate recruitment, selection and onboarding. They help employers track the skills and capabilities of their existing workforce, identifying high performers, skills gaps and internal candidates for roles. They make administration easier with online job ads, application processes and forms.

Talent management systems can upload resumes and extract information, using customized criteria to screen and select candidates from applications. They can manage communication with candidates throughout the process and support efficient new starter administration, including generating requests for buildings, facilities and systems access to make sure the new hire has a great experience and can be productive right from their first day.

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