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What is digitalization in HR?

Digitalization in HR means transforming traditional HR processes using the latest technology. Digital HR uses cloud and software as a service (SaaS) to automate HR processes and workflows.

Cloud is revolutionizing HR, streamlining HR processes and allowing HR and People teams to focus on people. Organizations buy cloud and SaaS technology on a rolling subscription basis: this digitalized approach means they avoid a fixed investment in on-premise infrastructure– the cost is spread over time and is relative to business growth and demands.

Digitized HR also brings sophisticated, data-based decision-making power to organizations, because all their People data is stored in one place for analysis and reporting. With a purpose-built, modern HRMS, delivered as SaaS, organizations can apply powerful analytics using cloud. For HR and People teams, regular management reporting and real-time queries help to measure performance, predict trends and tackle challenges and issues before they arise.

Digitalization in HR means companies can take a strategic approach to workforce planning and designing great employee experiences, so they can lead in their sectors by employing and retaining the best people.

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