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What is global human resources management?

Global human resources (HR) management means the practice of recruiting, managing and developing people working in an international organization.

In this digital age, with advanced, real-time communications technology to help, it’s easier than ever for businesses to expand overseas. Global organizations bring a new set of people-related challenges, so they need HR staff with specialist knowledge of global HR management.

Global HR managers look after the same elements of HR as a national or local HR manager, such as employee management and development, data administration, recruitment, pay and benefits, training, talent management, absence and grievance management, health and safety, working practices and policies. But they also need to accommodate cultural and geographical differences, local laws and employment legislation. For a global business operating under a single brand, it’s vital to respect and comply with local needs whilst preserving overall company values and identity.

HR or People leaders may play a strategic role at board level, championing the employer brand and providing vital insight into current and future workforce availability and needs.

What is global human resources management?

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