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What is HR analytics?

Human resources (HR) analytics, or People Analytics, means using data about people to gain insight that helps improve organizational performance and find solutions to problems. The information can be HR data or come from external sources or other company departments.

Today, big data is a hot topic. Many organizations hold a great deal of current and historical information about their people, such as pay, length of service, attendance, qualifications, training and performance. People Science takes this a step further: rather than just storing, mining and reporting data, powerful algorithms scrutinize this data and identify trends or anomalies that could influence HR and business strategy.

Analytics systems can draw on external information such as benchmarking data, or internal operational and financial information, to create even more actionable, detailed and useful HR management information.

Legally, employers need to comply with data protection rules (such as GDPR in Europe) when they hold and process data about employees.

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