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What is staff planning?

Staff planning is the process of making sure you have the right people in your organization – now and in the future – to carry out the work needed for business success.

To plan effectively, you need to understand your business needs, the skills and potential of your current employees whilst considering what each employee needs will be as the company grows and your market evolves.

Staff planning is sometimes called workforce planning. It also relates to succession planning, which is specifically about how to fill roles with minimal disruption to your business, when current employees progress or leave. Succession planning also includes making sure employees can progress internally, with a development and promotions process that allows workers to move upwards or sideways, making room for others to step into their shoes.

Getting staff planning right in a fast-growing or international organization is particularly challenging. You need to match up detailed staff data including skills, potential, aspirations and location with business plans. Adapting your staffing plan will be paramount to accommodate changes in company strategy or the market that affects the workforce. A single, business-wide people database and effective, easily directed analytics tools are key for accurate staff planning, seamless succession planning and timely recruitment. Find out more about tactics and tools for staff planning.

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