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What is talent management software?

Talent management software is a system that automates and streamlines an organization’s talent management activities, helping them attract and nurture the best people to work for them.

Today, leaders of successful organizations know that motivated, capable people are the key to outperformance in competitive markets. Getting them on board is a key focus area for HR. Competitor organizations are fishing in the same talent pool, so talent management tools that can help employers act faster and engage their desired workforce more effectively are strongly in demand.

Recruitment activities are one important aspect of talent management. Talent management software often integrates with popular recruitment sites so HR teams can easily post job ads to a range of portals, target the right candidates, manage responses and enquiries and gather resumes and application forms online. During the recruitment, selection and onboarding process, there’s lots of information to exchange and share: talent management software can receive and store it securely as well as keeping the process moving along with reminders to managers and candidates to review, respond and react at appropriate stages.

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