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What is the difference between a HRIS and HCM?

The difference between a HRIS and a HCM is not a lot! The terms are interchangeable – different software companies and consultancies choose the one they prefer. Both refer to technology that employers use for managing and administering HR processes and core people-related activities.

HRIS stands for Human Resources Information System. HCM stands for Human Capital Management. Typically, an HRIS or HCM system helps employers securely and efficiently collect, store and use information about their workforce, including confidential personnel information. They can automate routine HR actions like holiday requests, updating personal information, scheduling reviews, collecting feedback, recording and tracking training, development and performance, on-boarding and off-boarding.

Today, leading global cloud HR systems provide strategic insight and tools that help businesses understand their workforce and make vital decisions that contribute to success. Systems can provide HR intelligence using dashboards and analytics to signpost trends in performance, attrition and benefits uptake. Leaders in enlightened People Companies continually monitor these trends to make sure they are engaging and motivating their workforce to deliver the best performance.

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