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What is the latest trend in HR?

One of the latest trends in HR is a shift in emphasis towards people rather than processes. This has brought change to many areas of traditional HR practice, from governance and culture to communications. It’s underpinned by the digitalization and automation of HR.

Digitalization and HR technology are key to the latest HR trends, because they provide tools and analytics that make it possible to approach HR in a more personalized way than ever before. In leading People Companies, technology is enabling HR leaders and their teams to anticipate and meet the challenges of the current and future workforce. According to HR leaders questioned by Sage People, these are some of the key trends that will the People and HR function will focus on in the 2020s:

Organizational guidance systems

Predictive analytics and comprehensive People data will provide an enriched information feed that goes beyond dashboards and scorecards. This actionable insight will be responsive, predictive and relevant to organizational decision-making, linked directly to business and stakeholder goals.

Remote and virtual workspaces

As employees continue to value flexibility and we seek to reduce commuter carbon footprints, digital technologies will provide better collaborative experiences for remotely working employees, from lifelike telepresence suites to virtual offices.

Digital ethics

Automation will displace employees from mundane and repetitive tasks, both on the factory and shop-floor and in offices. The question is, how can organizations effectively redeploy them to do higher value work that is suited to their capabilities? If they aren’t able or willing to take on greater responsibility, or the roles don’t exist, how will organizations manage their workforces in an ethical way?

Device fatigue

Mobile device saturation in the 2010s has blurred the lines between work and home and made it possible for everyone to stay tuned in to work and personal agendas 24/7. With a typical individual receiving 64 mobile notifications each day, employers, app designers and platforms will seek to reduce the onslaught, to maintain a healthy balance of digital connection and relaxation.

Health and wellbeing

Mental health, emotional stress, physical fitness and good eating are all becoming more and more important in the workplace. Some employers are even offering support and coaching to underpin financial wellbeing. The health of the whole employee is understood to be connected to productivity and value: organizations are finding new ways to offer benefits and app-based support for all aspects of employee wellbeing. 

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