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Why is technology important in human resources?

Future HR technology is important because it supports excellent employee experiences for the fast-growing People Companies that will succeed in the future. It also enables efficiency gains and legal compliance, speeds up crucial HR processes and provides vital strategic decision-making insight. HR automation technology reduces admin time by 18% and recruitment time by 33%, according to one study. Freed from mundane tasks, HR teams can focus on adding more value in other areas.

HR technology keeps workforces connected, engaged and informed and provides self-service apps and portals to manage personal HR tasks and information wherever they are. Powerful reporting tech and tools help HR and People leaders understand and act on their People Data, maintaining total workforce visibility and providing reliable predictive HR planning and trend information that influences long-term strategy.

Workforce engagement

  • Target communications and gather feedback digitally so everyone is kept informed effectively
  • Make policies, company information and training available online
  • Develop always-on mobile apps so employees can find information whenever they need it

Continuous performance management

  • Prompt, capture and collate feedback and performance information from peers and managers every day
  • Enable a comprehensive and continuous view of employee performance
  • Identify talent and development opportunities to make the most of capable employees


  • Cut out the frustration of traditional HR admin
  • Let employees view and update personal and pay information and leave requests
  • Empower employees to do this whenever is convenient through mobile apps

People insight

  • Data dashboards mean HR managers can spot trends and exceptions and take action to address issues
  • Identify risk factors for resignations and underperformance
  • Influence strategic decision-making with powerful reports and predictive workforce insights

Talent acquisition

  • Provide the right information without delays, so new hires can hit the ground running
  • Improve the joining experience as people feel valued and useful from day one
  • Automate induction processes so it’s easy to gather all the right information

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