Build great workforce experiences with modern HRIS software

Sage helps you connect to your workforce in a new way. Customize and personalize your employee self-serve portal, increase team efficiency and productivity through automation, and get visibility of your global workforce with our powerful yet user-friendly global cloud HRIS system.

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For global companies who put their people first

Your people are your greatest asset. Sage helps people-focussed, multinational organizations achieve success. Whether you have 200 employees in one country, or 5,000 in several, boost engagement and productivity by creating great workforce experiences with our award-winning global cloud HR and People system.

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HR and People analytics

Sage offers powerful reporting tools to help you understand and act on your people data. Get instant visibility into your workforce from a single source of truth.

  • Insights in minutes

    Create and modify reports using simple drag and drop
  • Beautiful reporting

    Visualize your people data in charts and dashboards that are ready to share
  • Deep understanding

    Drill down into data and run what-if analyses without the need for complex queries
  • Timely sharing

    Provide management teams with scheduled reports so they’re always up-to-date
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Talent acquisition

Find and hire the best people, faster. Our end-to-end talent acquisition software saves you time, effort and resources with automated advertising and screening.

  • Get the word out

    Connect with more candidates via social, multiple job board sites, and radius searches
  • Hire the best

    Get visibility of talent pools, manage selection, and keep informed with alerts
  • Speedy selection

    Automate resume parsing, reference checks and interviews
  • Onboard effortlessly

    Automatically convert candidates to onboarding for success from day one
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People management

Get a complete view of your entire workforce, wherever they are located, in one, secure system of record for better people management. Keep employees informed and engaged via a self-service portal.

  • Comprehensive data

    Collect, store and visualize all the information you need in one reliable system
  • Retain a history

    Keep records of salary, bonus, commission and other information, for each employee
  • Modern org chart

    Dynamic org charts so it's easy to find colleagues and reporting lines
  • Empower people

    Employees can maintain their own personal information via self-service, from any device
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Attendance and leave management

From mobile to desktop, get a clear view of attendance and leave for your entire global workforce. Ensure team members adhere to policies and receive benefits by managing policies that accrue automatically.

  • Easy tracking

    Keep an audit of both positive attendance and negative absences
  • Reduce errors

    Configure policies, annual allocation or accrued, to suit your business needs
  • Happy users

    Enable employees to request and approve time off using the mobile app
  • Efficient processes

    Analyze workforce productivity and strategize for more efficient processes
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Payroll, compensation and benefits

Seamlessly integrate with multiple payrolls, benefit carriers, and other third party applications. Create successful workforce rewards and attract top performing employees.

  • Keep it simple

    Manage eligibility rules for benefits, enhanced calculations and rate tables
  • Flexibility

    Easily navigate and configure the array of global compensation possibilities
  • Drive success

    Use on demand reports to tie rewards directly to metrics that drive success
  • Transparency

    Provide customizable reward packages that will allow you to hire an retain top talent
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Performance and talent management

From instant recognition to rigorous goal setting and formal performance reviews we support a range of frameworks. Plan, monitor and review employee objectives and overall contribution to the organization.

  • Flexibility

    Set company-wide and manager-cascaded objectives, with a range of options
  • 360 feedback

    Collect and collate peer feedback as well as external competency assessors
  • Spot stars

    Use tools, like the 9-box grid and skills matrices to spot top performers
  • One team

    Provide a channel for peer-to-peer recognition outside of formal reviews
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Workforce experience management

Keep your workforce connected, engaged and informed. Save valuable HR time by arming your employees with the ability to manage their own HR tasks and access critical work information on the go.

  • Mobile-ready

    All functionality is available on laptop, smartphone, tablet and wearable devices
  • Brand building

    Reinforce your brand and culture through a branded self-serve portal
  • Targeted communications

    Avoid over-communication and target global and regional updates
  • Employee engagement

    Keep your workforce connected with updates on the things that matter
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Global cloud system

Built and hosted on the Salesforce App Cloud, we offer unparalleled reliability, secure access, privacy and availability.  Create a truly digital HR system which is accessible from any internet-connected device.

  • Security

    Take advantage of advanced security, elastic scalability and open APIs
  • Compliance

    Meet compliance requirements with standards like ISO27001:2013
  • Industry-leading

    Benefit from the best database security, integrity and availability
  • Ecosystem

    Easily connect to powerful third-party applications, integrations and partners
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Save money and time

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