Employee recognition and compensation management

Reduce pay review admin by 65% and gain 99.7% accuracy as a result

Reward employees in a fair and consistent way that aligns to your organization’s dynamic goals and targets.

Compensation management

  • Easily plan and reward consistent and compliant salary increases and bonus amounts for the entire workforce
  • Display bonus and salary amounts in local and reporting currency so managers can easily review and make recommendations with visibility of available and spent budget
  • Configure your reward planning to meet your specific business needs, including salary change reasons and choosing the final planner or decision maker
  • Support multiple concurrent active rewards plans (e.g., per country, per policy, or per department) with different date ranges, projection, eligibility and exclusion criteria

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Benefits automation

  • Simplify and automate benefits administration with support for multiple third-party benefit providers and tailor by location
  • Manage eligibility rules in open enrollment for benefits, enhanced calculations, and rate tables
  • Communicate the total value of an employee’s benefits package with an easy to understand reward statement
  • Automatically make changes to an employee’s pay and benefits via predefined workflows and corresponding employee notifications, so they are always kept informed

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Payroll integrations

  • Easily integrate your payroll solutions with Sage People, giving one source of truth for your HR and people data
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of compensation information across one or more payrolls with Sage People as the single system of record
  • Integrate seamlessly with finance and accounting systems to automatically pass workforce related costs to journals and accounts
  • Use on demand reports, dashboards, and analytics to keep track of all payroll, compensation, and benefits data

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Sage People’s payroll, compensation and benefits software?

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    Sage People can help you deliver an effective workforce compensation program to incentivize employees in order to retain them. Compensation and benefits are critical toward motivating and engaging your workforce, as well as attracting new talent to your organization. Sage People helps you keep your employees engaged with flexible compensation and benefits capabilities and third party payroll integration. Manage salary, bonus, stock options, benefits enrollment and eligibility rules across your global workforce.

    Successful incentive programs will not only get your workforce aligned and focussing on maximizing their performance, but will also empower your HR and People teams to align performance and compensation with business outcomes.

  • What is Sage People’s payroll, compensation and benefits software features?

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    With Sage People, companies can not only better control budget spend but also drive consistency in reward recommendations and align these to delivery against business performance. Sage People helps you track employee data so you can make informed decisions, using both qualitative and quantitative data, when it comes to compensating individuals for their time and effort. Easily manage compensation and benefit plans in Sage People with support for multiple third-party benefit providers and payroll solutions. Sage People’s payroll, compensation and benefits capabilities include:

    • Real time visibility of data: Easily generate reports for actionable insights. HR and People teams can also track compliance with regulatory requirements including gender pay reporting.
    • User-friendliness: Encourage adherence to corporate policies through alerts and on-screen prompts. Automate processes like generating compensation letters to local HR teams, managers and team members as part of the salary planning process.
    • Accuracy and security: Control employee access to profile information, pay slips, and personal data. Reduce manual errors and ensure fairness across the employee population with an automated processes and workflows in place.
    • Eligibility rules: Easily manage the rules for benefits and compensation with enhanced calculation support and rate tables.
    • Performance indicators: Use on demand reports to tie rewards directly to metrics that drive business success.
    • Customizable packages: With different generations across your workforce who have different needs, Sage People helps you create different types of packages to hire and retain diverse talent groups.

    For more information on Sage People’s payroll, compensation and benefits features read our product datasheet.

  • What are the benefits of Sage People’s payroll, compensation and benefits software?

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    With Sage People you can design compensation processes that optimize budgets, improve compliance, reduce manual intervention, and rewards high-performing employees for their good work. Sage People is the single system of record so you can confidently plan, analyze, and executive compensation packages taking employee performance data into consideration. Here are some of the benefits of Sage People’s payroll, compensation and benefits software:

    • Insights – Measure and track compensation spend progress against strategic reward goals, policies and business performance so you can inform future planning.
    • Engaged workforce – Create compensation packages which motivate your workforce. Some value money, some value achievement, promotion, learning and development. A compensation plan that hits workers’ needs is more likely to motivate and engage them.
    • Compensation communication – Any updates will automatically change an employee’s pay and other benefits via predefined workflows in Sage People. Corresponding notifications will be sent to employees so they are always kept informed.
    • Automation – Automated approval workflows results in reduced time spent on admin so HR and People teams can spend more time on value add activities.
    • Audit trail – Base compensation rewards and recommendations on evidence. With Sage People you can track competencies, reviews, performance metrics, and more.
    • Transparency – Sage People enhances transparency and compliance, ensuring compensation recommendations are made in line with corporate governance.
  • How to manage payroll with Sage People?

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    Sage People is the single system of record for employee data ensuring consistency and accuracy of information across one or more payroll providers. Pass gross salary and benefits details to payroll systems using Sage People Payflow, a secure, seamless and highly configurable set of services. Configure how Sage People connects to, automates and manages one or two-way batch file transfers of data to your payroll systems. You can create seamless integration with finance and accounting systems to automate the passing of workforce related accruals and reversals to your financial journals and accounts. Keep track of all your payroll, compensation and benefits data with Sage People’s on demand reports, dashboards and analytics.

    Learn more about Sage People by taking a product tour.

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