Performance management

Communicate objectives clearly and monitor progress with a range of effective measures.

  • Set company-wide cascading team and manager objectives.
  • Manage priority, time and visibility options on a granular level.
  • Choose from a range of simple and complex review methods ranging from immediate to periodic.
  • Detect possible manager bias and halo effects with standardized HR reports and analytics.
  • Provide channels for instant, social recognition between colleagues and team leaders.

Skills and competencies

Get a clear and objective view of where your people excel, where they can develop and what makes them tick.

  • Choose from a wide range of formal and informal performance tracking and management approaches.
  • Collect and analyze data with the system’s powerful employee appraisal software.
  • Keep all your 360 reviews consistent with a standardized assessment framework.
  • Build teams, find people and close gaps based on skills matching and skills searches.
  • Create resource plans and bring them to life with skills and competency analysis.

Talent management

Spotting stars, building teams and planning futures – it’s all much easier with the right HR software.

  • Identify, manage and retain your most productive employees worldwide.
  • Create and manage talent plans for each employee, then track their progress.
  • Use tools, like the 9 box grid and skills matrices, to forecast and evaluate.
  • See management views of multiple successors, level of readiness and development plans.

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