Becoming a People Company:

The way to unlock fast track growth

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Are you ready to become a People Company?

It’s your people who make the difference, and they are your greatest asset when it comes to helping your business grow. And yet, 87% of HR leaders say they could be doing more to put employees at the heart of their business*.

Now, the fastest growing companies are embracing this challenge, and they’re on a journey to becoming a People Company – organizations that use people data, insight and HR automation to see what their people need. And then they use that to create great workforce experiences where their workforce feel engaged and are at their most productive.

With the information here, you too can take that journey so that you can find, recruit, and retain the best people for your business.

*Source; ‘Becoming a People Company’ research report, Sage Business Cloud People, May 2017

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Here you’ll find a range of resources to help you on your way to being a People Company and delivering great experiences for your workforce.
Read our latest research report, where we surveyed over 500 global HR leaders about how they are addressing challenges with growth, leveraging People Science, and doing more to engage their people.
Join us for a series of webinars, where we explore the transformations happening in HR and companies when it comes to People.
Or, take our exclusive profile tool, and see how your organization compares to its peers when it comes to being a People Company.

Research reports

Research reports

Becoming a people company:

The way to unlock fast track growth


See how fast-growth organizations are leveraging People Science and engaging their workforce

Workforce experience:

Why your workforce isn’t working


What every HR director or chief people officer should know about productivity

Forrester study:

The Total Economic Impact of Sage Business Cloud People


Discover the ROI savings Sage People can deliver to your business

Guides & eBooks

Guides & eBooks

Business case guide

Build a compelling business case for HR tech: Your 10-step guide


Discover how to influence decision makers and put HR at the heart of business strategy

HR automation

5 ways to raise your game with HR automation


Free up 30% of your team’s time. Discover five ways to raise your game with HR automation.

GDPR for HR:

Six steps to GDPR-readiness


Are you ready for GDPR? Do you know the role HR and People leaders have to play?

People science:

5 vital steps to greater workforce visibility


Discover how to improve visibility of your workforce, with data-driven and
actionable insights.

Other resources

Other resources


Discover our live and on demand webinars

Profiler tool

Benchmark your journey and receive tailored guidance to help you on your way

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Discover eight compelling reasons to invest in better workforce experiences

Why choose Sage People?

Transform the way you attract, hire, develop and train the best people for your business. The system delivers HR automation, immediate workforce visibility and great workforce experiences for your people.

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