On-demand webinar

Building great employee experiences is vital to the success of an organisation. It’s why fast-growth companies attract the best talent. They build experiences that engage their people, and empower them to do their best work.

Register to watch our on-demand webinar with HR Grapevine’s Reporter, Rianna Fulham, and VP, Customers for Life Chris Rauch, as they explain how leaders can build great workforce experiences, including:

  • People Science as the foundation for understanding your people
  • The role of flexible and mobile working
  • The importance of integrated communications
  • How people-centred companies focus on designing better ways of working
  • Methods for tailoring your people processes to reflect your brand and culture

Most of all, you’ll come away understanding why companies need to care about employee experiences, how HR leaders can use technology to shape this – and the secrets and tricks to enhancing your employer brand and culture, and retaining your best people.

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