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5 tricks to build great workforce experiences

Building great employee experiences is vital to the success of an organisation. It’s why fast-growth companies attract the best talent. Join VP Customers for Life at Sage Chris Rauch, and HR Grapevine reporter Rianna Fulham as they discuss why companies need to care about employee experiences, how HR leaders can use technology to shape this – and the secrets and tricks to enhancing your employer brand and culture, and retaining your best people.

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8 characteristics of a People Company

Today, being a great employer is all about providing great workforce experiences. For organizations that get it right, there’s an opportunity to transform the way in which they find, hire, develop and retain the best talent.

Register to watch our on-demand webinar, hosted by Jake Matthews, Online Editor at HR Grapevine, and Adam Hale of Sage People, as we explore the key characteristics of a people company, and the tools that HR leaders can use to raise people’s engagement and productivity.

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6 steps to GDPR-readiness

Are you ready for GDPR?

Find out how prepared you are with our essential 6-step checklist

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